Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Bugging Me:

1. The checker at Wal-Mart, who, after puzzling over what to do with my cloth bags, proceeded to place my purchases into plastic bags, and then place the plastic bags into the cloth bags.

2. The phone companies who deliver a new gigantic phone book to my doorstep every six to eight weeks. Do people even use phone books any more? Haven't they heard of the internet? And even if I wanted to use a phone book, would I need an updated one every couple of months? Really?

3. The shade-loving plants that cover my front yard that have now decided to die because the tree that provided the shade is gone. So now I have not only an ugly stump punctuating my front lawn, I also have mounds of dead ivy surrounding it. The Homeowners' Association is going to love me.

4. The soccer coach of the team of girls from Uppity Private School in Uppity Neighborhood who adamantly opposed my (beginner) daughter being placed on his team of
ringers experienced girls, and who told me he had tried to get her placed on another team, but since the Soccer Commissioner had overruled him, my daughter would just have to work hard to catch up, because he couldn't slow down practices just for her.

Read that last one again.

I had to channel my inner mama bear on that one, and you better believe she is on a different team now. One much closer to my own neighborhood, in more ways than one
. Did I mention this is a 7 year old girls' team? Grrr.

So. What's bugging you?


  1. Um. NUMBER FOUR is what's bugging me. That's awful. Poor Grace. Good for you.

    And well, that there are not any hours available when I don't need to be SLEEPING to blog. Like now. G'night.

  2. the random person who called from a 1-888 number and wouldn't tell me where she was from but wanted me to give them my NEIGHBOR'S cell phone number.

    Yes, I told them NO WAY and NO, I couldn't get a message to them. I didn't mention that I'm in their house nearly every day.

  3. I can't believe that soccer coach! Some people take children's sports WAY too seriously.

    What bugs me is the sales/ collection agency phone calls we've been receiving FOR OVER TWO years for two people with whom I have never lived. Every time I ask to speak to the callers' supervisor they hang up. Grr indeed.

  4. Yikes! I'm glad you got Grace on a new team. That coach sounds awful!

    And I slept (mostly) for 7 hours. Not much is bugging me this morning. Except that I'm still tired.

  5. Boy did you pick a great time to do this topic. I have quite a list. I'll try to keep it brief.
    1. No traffic lights in all three parishes I travel to work in. Now my typical one hour trip takes 2 1/2 hours. Thanks Gustav!
    2. No electricity for 8 days, no water, ice, bread or clothespins(!) in area stores. Therefore,my fence became my clothsline and the other things I had pre-stocked in my house.
    3. A big UGLY blue tarp covering one wall of my house since the vinyl siding couldn't hold up to hurricane strength winds.
    4. The fact that we've had to postpone Leslie's 8 year old birthday party for another hurricane. (Thanks Katrina and Gustav!)
    5. My college professor calling me to tell me I'm behind in her class. Well no duh, woman, there was a hurricane - everyone is behind!
    6. My washing machine going on the fritz right after I get electricity back. Now I need a new one, which maybe I shouldn't be too aggravated about.
    7. Love bug season is in full force. Even hurricanes can't blow them away.
    8. And the cherry on top, due to cleaning up our yard, I now have poisen ivy.

    Ok, I'll stop complaining. We're really better off than some over here. I'll go back to work and try not to think about how much I itch :)

  6. I was reading April's comment and thought, Good grief! Poor thing, I'll never complain again. (yeah right!)

    I agree, April's the clear winner in a contest we all want to lose.

  7. Holy crap! April! I hope it gets better (and you get a beautiful and wonderful new washing machine that holds tons of laundry to make up for all the stress!).

  8. I have a cold, that's what's bugging me. I have a cold and an energetic 15-month-old. :)

    Oh well. I'll get over the cold. At least I have electricity.

    (but seriously...the checker put your stuff in plastic bags and then into your cloth bags? Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose? *sigh*)

  9. What's bugging me? This site makes me miss my family way too much.


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