Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My sweet friend Joy, of Course made me smile yesterday by linking this blog with her blog, so if you're visiting from there, welcome.

It occurred to me that I should probably have started off this blog with an introduction instead of just jumping in with the madness that is my life. So here are some random bits of information about me:

Let's see...I grew up in Suburbville, Georgia, (where I went to high school with Joy), and I lived in Charleston, SC for a long time, and I've also lived in the DC area. I have lived here in Suburbia, Texas for 2 1/2 years and I have arrived at my heart's home. I never want to leave. Texas seems to have that effect on people.

The main drawback of living here is that my family is really far away. I do a marathon drive out to Georgia every summer to visit, and I try to encourage (translate: beg) my sisters, parents, and in-laws to come out here whenever they can. I am bitterly jealous of friends that have their parents and siblings nearby, especially on holidays or days that I long to "drop the kids off at Grandma's", but thankfully I have been really blessed with a group of friends that have become like an extended family to me.

What else...I've been married for almost 12 years, and saying that makes me feel old...I had 3 children in 3 1/2 years in 3 different states, and while I recommend having 3 children, I cannot recommend the rest. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom to them. They are one of the many huge blessings in my life.

I like hiking, camping, and chocolate. I dislike Jeff Wiggle, TBN, and Mexican food. I'm active in my church and I am the leader of my daughter's Brownie troop. I refuse to participate in the PTA for no reason whatsoever. I am also can I put this, I don't want to say cheap...bargain-oriented. My house is messy at all times. I can't stand being over-scheduled, but I usually am. I am a work in progress. I am obsessed with Big Bend National Park.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Feel free to let me know how you feel about Jeff Wiggle or the PTA. I'm anxious to know where you stand.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm so glad to see this! I love hearing your stories. And I love hearing how you and the kids are doing, even if I don't call and chat nearly as much as I should or ever hear my cell phone ringing when you call. :-x

  2. Who the heck is Jeff Wiggle? Is he one of the Wiggles? I guess since I don't know, my opinion of him is nuetral. As for the PTA I don't participate in general just because I have four children and work in my church and just don't have time to be involved in anything else. I am also not sure what exactly they do. The kind of seem like a grown up version of a high-school click to me, but this time I am happy to be on the outside.

    I am thrilled that you have a blog since I never see you or talk to you and would love to be more connected to your life. Just hearing about the chaos of it and your messy home reminds me how kindred we are in some ways.

    So blog on chiquita.

  3. Ok, Chrissy, I don't think I have laughed this hard in a long time. Whew. I needed that. Stacie shared this blog with me and oh how I am thanking her. Pure refreshment.

    Anyway, I am glad to see you are doing well. Couple of things though - I, too, hate Jeff Wiggle. Now, Anthony Wiggle, I love. Another thing - I hate Texas. How could you live in Texas, married to Greg and hate Mexican food?

    Maybe you have inspired me to start blogging. We shall see. Talk to you later..

    Michele Cordray

  4. i don't do pta either! i love having no real reason for it, too. keeps people guessing.

  5. Michele, being married to Greg for 11 years is the reason I dislike Mexican food. I have reached the lifetime quota for the number of Mexican meals a non-Mexican person can ingest.

    Good to hear from you again!


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